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The keeper of your healthy routines and body signals.

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Insight to your body

You can think of GCT as a small keeper of healthy habits and body signals.

As a 70g hydrogel sticker, it is always close enough to monitor your body temperature, pulse, or oxygen saturation. Extended with sound and movement data, it provides a broad picture of body conditions, whether you're active or asleep.

ABOUT THE Hardware

Haptic communication

GCT communicates with you via gentle vibrations on your skin. It is the world’s first system of physical notifications and alerts.

It will support your good habits in dieting, sleep, breathe, meditation, walks, and other activities – as a reminder, and a watchful observer of your health at the same time.

Gentle assistant

Your discrete keeper will be there to notify, measure, watch, and tend to you in difficult times. It can inform you when to eat during intermittent fasting. Detect apnea and identify stages of sleep, in order to make it better.

Alarm you, whenever your body parameters are worrisome. Watch over your workouts. Support you in times of stress and anxiety, helping you ease your breath with gentle vibes that you can focus on, and attune yourself to their soothing rhythm.

Get help with

Intermittent Fasting

Better Sleep

Stress Reliever

Calorie counter


Anxiety stopper

Get Care Today is different

There are many good health trackers and wellness applications on the market. But we wanted to add the missing link between you and the program. Something tangible, so that among your everyday hustles and duties, you don't have to remember about yet another app. GCT reaches you by touch.

Discrete EMS pulses

We take advantage of Electrical Muscle Stimulation technology, which has been used in physical medicine and rehabilitation, and, nowadays, very often for therapeutic goals.

Built-in microphone

Turned on while you sleep, it will collect data regarding your breathing patterns, apnea, snoring, or even types of cough.

Integral cache

Our beacon sticker works without being constantly connected to the app – you don't have to check your phone all the time. Just synchronize it once a day.

Set your goals

GCT is connected to an app in which you set up your priorities, e.g. weight loss, stress control, or better sleep assistance. The app will guide you step by step to reach your ultimate goals. It will remember for you, gather data, track progress, and it communicates by touch when needed.

GCT Connect

Our application will allow you to upload and download data from other apps, so that you can fully personalize the way GCT works for you.



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